This is Pure Country on Pure Nevada Farmland in Yerington, Nevada



Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at Night in the Country. Please review all our information and requirements before filing out an application.


Application opens: February 3, 2020
Application closes: June 3, 2020
Payment and Certificates of Insurance deadline for all approved vendors: June 14, 2020


Venue check-in: July 22, 2020
Night in the Country Event Days: July 23-July 25, 2020


Night in the Country offers a central vending location.  This vending location serves our camping patrons as well as patrons within the venue.


On event days, vendors are expected to be open, staffed and ready for business with the posted hours below. These hours are posted for our patrons in advance and we want to ensure they have every opportunity to experience your booth. Closing early is not permitted and if your booth is found unstaffed, it will be grounds for dismissal.

Thursday, July 23, 2020: 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM **Vendors welcome to stay open till 3:00 AM
Friday, July 24, 2020: Soft Open: 7:00 AM for vendors who want to catch the morning crowd.  Vendors must be open 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM ** Vendors welcome to stay open till 3:00 AM
Saturday, July 25, 2020: Soft Open: 7:00 AM for vendors who want to catch the morning crowd.  Vendors must be open 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM ** Vendors welcome to stay open till 3:00 AM

Night in the Country offers our patrons an after party with our second stage called the Full Moon Saloon. This area is open from 11:00 PM to 3:00 AM. If you choose to stay open till 3:00 AM to serve these patrons, we appreciate it.



Each vendor will have a flat fee of $1,000 plus a rental fee as listed below.

  • 12×24: $250 plus $100 cleaning and damage deposit
  • 24×20: $350 plus $100 cleaning and damage deposit
  • 36×20: $450 plus $100 cleaning and damage deposit


Each vendor will have a flat fee of $1,000 plus a space rental fee as listed below.

  • 12×20: $250 plus $100 cleaning and damage deposit
  • 24×20: $350 plus $100 cleaning and damage deposit.


Food and Merchandise vendors will accept cash and credit cards from our patrons.  If you wish to use credit cards it is up to you to bring a debit/credit machine.  Night in the County will not be providing change to vendors.


Night in the Country has WIFI available for vendors, but somethings it goes down.  Please be prepared when this happens with your own WIFI connection.


Each vendor will be able to purchase up to TWO campsites for $50 in the designated area.  Space is limited and will be sold on a first come first serve bases.


If paying by check payment can be mailed to:
Night in the Country
124 N. Main Street
Yerington, NV 89447

If paying by credit card, please give us a call at 775.463.5114.


All vendors will be required to provide their own power. If you need power to your vendor space, please contact Amerigen Power Solutions at 775.453.1048. You will be charged an additional fee from Amerigen. Power needs to be set up before the festival to ensure proper power equipment is available.



Night in the Country will be providing 10×10 tents from Camelot for the food vendors.  These will be placed before arrival.  We are creating a uniform curb appeal for our patrons.  There can be NO cooking underneath these tents.  They are for serving patrons only.

Merch Vendors – If you need to rent a tent please contact Camelot Party Rentals. You will be charged an additional fee from Camelot Party Rentals. All rental requests need to be into Camelot by June 24th to guarantee your order. The contact for Camelot is Michael at or at 775.355.9004.


Each vendor will be provided TWO vendor parking passes
Each vendor will receive up to FIVE vendor wristbands
• Additional employees will need to purchase vendor wristbands for $20.00 each. There will be a limit of FIVE additional wristbands sold to each vendor.


If approved, you will be required to submit two or more quality images of your vendor set up. This will be mandatory for all vendors. Night in the Country will not edit photos submitted. The images you provide will be used in the Night in the Country App to help drive patrons to your booth.
• The pictures must be 1280×800 pixels PNG files.
• The images must be submitted by July 6, 2020
Event participants agrees to allow use of video and photography taken by festival organizers at the event for promotional purposes. Any photos taken by the event are property of Night in the Country.


Night in the Country requires you to purchase and provide a valid liability insurance policy with a $1,000,000 minimum coverage naming Night in the Country, LLC as additionally insured. {Night in the Country, LLC, 100 Hwy 95 A East, Yerington, NV 89447} Failure to provide a valid certificate of insurance by June 24, 2019 will result in the release of your booth.
• $1,000,000 binder listing Night in the Country, LLC as additionally insured.
• Product Liability $1,000,000
• Must be submitted by June 14, 2020



All vendors must adhere to all Health and Fire Department regulations. If not, the vendor booth will close its operation and all fees with be forfeited to Night in the Country.
• If you are accepted as a food vendor, you are responsible for obtaining a Temporary Food Establishment permit.
• Temporary events must operate in compliance with all applicable provisions of the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) Chapter 446.
• A permit to operate a temporary food establishment is valid for 14 days at one location.
• Application must be filled out online at


Each vendor must submit a complete menu and/or product list with prices of items to be marketed at the festival. NITC reserves the right of approval for items to be sold and the specific price to be charged for each item in order to ensure value and consistency.
• Once a menu has been submitted, any changes to the menu must be preapproved by the Night in the Country Committee before the event weekend.
• You must provide a Menu Board that has all prices that include sales tax and be visible at all times during business hours. You are only approved to sell the products listed within your contract.
• Night in the Country may limit specific types of food or beverage to ensure a wide selection of items for festival patrons.
• Night in the Country reserves the right to deny any application without explanation.


Night in the Country will assign booth locations to each vendor. Vendors will receive exact location assignments on-site, not before.


Vendors are responsible for providing push carts/hand trucks for moving supplies onsite, including beverages and ice purchased from Night in the Country.
• Vendors must restrict all activities to their booth space.
• There will be overnight security Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fixtures and materials left overnight at the vendors’ risk.
• Vendors are responsible for a clean booth area, free of debris.
• Vendors should furnish enough change for their sales transactions. NITC cannot provide change to vendors.
• Vendors are responsible for providing their own nighttime lighting.


Each vendor will be required to have within the booth space a minimum of a state certified 5 lb. ABC fire extinguisher. If the vendor is doing any deep fat frying of foods the vendor needs to have within the booth space a state certified type K fire extinguisher.


Vendors are NOT allowed to sell, give away or consume alcoholic beverages while working their booth. If you are found operating your booth space while consuming alcohol or while intoxicated, it is grounds for immediate dismissal and security deposit forfeited.


Night in the Country has a sponsorship contract with Pepsi Co. All vendors who wish to sell beverages must sell the products listed below, UNLESS we have deemed the vendor’s handcrafted drink is a specialty beverage (e.g. lemonade, tea, coffee, etc..).
All soft drink and water products must be purchased on-site from NITC and sold at the price determined by NITC. There will be no returns of purchased product.
We sell 20 OZ bottles of:
• Pepsi
• Diet Pepsi
• Sierra Mist
• Aquafina
You must visit the South Will Call booth to place your order with our Vendor manager.
• All sales are final


We will have 40lb bags of ice for purchase on-site. These our offered at a discounted rate for vendors. Night in the Country volunteers or staff will NOT deliver the ice for you.


Night in the Country is made possible by our volunteers and staff who work the event. Each volunteer/staff will be provided with two food vouchers in the amount of $7.00 each and each food vendor must accept these vouchers. Night in the Country will collect these vouchers at the end of the event and you will receive a check for reimbursement within 15 days.


There will be one entrance for Vendors to use to clean up and reorganization there booths.
• For the safety of the festival’s attendees, vehicles are NOT allowed to move onto or within the site during operating hours. You are required to use carts or dollies for re-stocking supplies to your booth.
• Parking of one service vehicle will be allowed in a designated area with a proper parking pass.
• Removal of your booth and its contents must be completed no later than Sunday, July 28, 2019.
• You are responsible for the cleanliness of your vending location during the festival and following the end of the festival. If your vending site is found with items or trash remaining your security deposit will be forfeited. All vendors must clean their footprint from trash. This includes the 10-foot radius in front of your booth.

At Night in the Country we welcome a variety of vendors that can provide options for our patrons to enjoy over the weekend. We carefully review items and pricing when selecting our vendors and keep our patron demographics and size of attendance in mind when selecting invited participants.

Night in the Country shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance arising from causes beyond Night in the Country reasonable control, including, without limitation, weather, acts of God, fire, flood, terrorism, strikes, failure of suppliers or subcontractors to substantially meet its performance obligations under this agreement.