Night in the Country is now pouring 10 Torr as our official festival cocktail! Y’all this is an authentic Nevada experience in a canned craft cocktail. 10 Torr’s vacuum distilled vodka is fermented right in Reno with the finest two-row barley malt. They blend that award-winning vodka with all-natural ingredients to create distinctly unique premium canned cocktails. Pure cocktails. Purely refreshing. Made and grown in our own backyard. We are proudly pure country. And this is how we drink like it.


10 Torr’s award-winning vacuum distilled vodka comes from the finest 2-row barley malt. The same barley malt they use in our precision crafted beers. They use a house yeast to create the exact flavor profile they want. Due to the esters produced by 10 Torr’s house yeast during fermentation and the natural barley flavor they choose to showcase, the result is a stunningly smooth spirit full of delicately balanced malty and slightly sweet notes.


2018 American Distilling Institute Bronze Medal

2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Bronze Medal

2018 San Diego Spirits Festival Silver Medal


Lavender Lemonade 8% ABV

This isn’t your grandma’s lemonade! Made with our 10 Torr vacuum distilled vodka, all-natural lavender and lemon with a kick of carbonation makes this 10 Torr’s most popular canned cocktail.

Cucumber Cooler 8% ABV

The Cucumber Cooler is simply refreshing. Made with 10 Torr’s award-winning vacuum distilled vodka that is infused with all-natural cucumber, lime and mint. They like to call this their dangerously drinkable spa water.

Greyhound Soda 8% ABV

A little tart and a little sweet, this refreshing classic will get your tail wagging any time of day. This cocktail is made with award-winning 10 Torr vacuum distilled vodka and all-natural grapefruit. A crowd pleaser cocktail to bring to any party.